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    SunMC PRM Agent Data Collection

      Good morning,

      I have SunMC installed, and I have the "Default Domain" showing with four machines; one is the SunMC server and the others have been installed as agents. When I go to PRM, and to "Data Collection", only the SunMC server is showing, no agents. How do I "enable" data collection on the agents?

      - Dion
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          Hi Dion,

          If you do not see your agents in neither the "Hosts with Data Collectiion Enabled" or "Hosts with Data Collection Disabled" lists, then it is most likely because you have not installed PRM on your agents. You should verify if you have installed Performance Reporting Manager Addon on those agents.

          How did you install those SunMC agents? Did you install them manually?

          - Pegah
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            Hi Pegah,

            I do have the PRM add-on installed on the agents, and initially I installed them using "es-guiinst". But after working with Sun on a couple of issues I used the "es-setup -p PRM" command. Also, "es-validate" shows that PRM is setup.

            - Dion