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    Unable to login to console - "Incompatible Server"?

      Good afternoon everyone,

      So I've installed SMC 4 on a V480 with Solaris 10 11/06, and I've installed some of the relevant add-ons. I did have to deviate from the default port during installation/setup, so I used the port shown in the documention (1161). I originally tried to open the console using "es-start -c", but I kept getting the registration question, and then it would stop execution of the script after I tried to answer the question; another thread here lead me to the "javaws" command to take me through the registration process successfully, and I was able to figure out that I needed to include the port in the command, "es-start -c -- -p 1161" to get the login prompt. However, when I put in my credentials, I get this error:

      "Communication could not be established with the server. The server version may be incompatible."

      Can anyone help me with this error? Thanks!

      - Dion
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          same problem.

          SunMC 4.0 was running fine, I added a handful of servers before.

          But a few of the server icons where blue although I installed the agent Addon.

          So I thought, maybe I have to install the Addon package as well on the SMC server (I can't remember if I did that already):
          ! root@sunmc:/tmp # tar xvf Sun_MC_Addon-4_0_V5-GA.tar
          ! root@sunmc:/tmp # es-inst
          Enter the source directory of the installation files: /tmp/disk1/image
          Reading Add-On products from image. Please wait...
          This can take approximately 3 minutes to complete.
          Found: ELP Config-Reader Monitoring
          Checking for applicable products. Please wait...
          This can take approximately 2 minutes to complete.
          The following Add-On Products are applicable for installation.
              ELP Config-Reader Monitoring
              It appears that an earlier version of this product is installed on your system.
              You have the following version installed : 3.6-v7
              You may upgrade to version : 4.0-v5
              To install this product, the installed version will have to be removed.
          Do you want to select all the products (y|n|q) y
          The following Add-On Products will be installed:
          ELP Config-Reader Monitoring
          Installed versions of following Add-On Products will be upgraded:
          ELP Config-Reader Monitoring
          Do you want to proceed (y|n|q) y
          Removing installed Add-On: ELP Config-Reader Monitoring
          This script will help you to uninstall the Sun Management Center software.
          java server is not running
          Calling Uninstall script of ELP Config-Reader Monitoring...
          Making list of packages to uninstall...
          Sorting list of packages according to reverse timestamp...
          Removing package : SUNWesers...
          Removal of <SUNWesers> was successful.
          Removing package : SUNWesons...
          Removal of <SUNWesons> was successful.
          Status of uninstallation:
          PRODUCT                                                  STATUS
          ELP Config-Reader Monitoring                             Removed
          Disk Space Checking....
          Processing package instance <SUNWescci> from </tmp/disk2/image/SunOS/sparc/Addons/CommonConfigReader/Common/Basic>
          Sun Management Center Common Config Reader Module Initialization(all) 4.0-v5,REV=2.8.2008.10.10
          ## Executing checkinstall script.
          Copyright 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
          Use is subject to license terms.
          Using </opt> as the package base directory.
          ## Processing package information.
          ## Processing system information.
             1 package pathname is already properly installed.
          Installing Sun Management Center Common Config Reader Module Initialization as <SUNWescci>
          ## Installing part 1 of 1.
          /opt/SUNWsymon <conflicting pathname not installed>
          [ verifying class <none> ]
          [ verifying class <none> ]
          Installation of <SUNWesons> was successful.
          You must perform setup before using Sun Management Center 4.0.
          Do you want to run setup now (y|n|q)
            Enter "y" or "n" or "q"
          Do you want to run setup now (y|n|q) y
          This script will help you to setup Sun Management Center 4.0.
          Documentation of Sun Management Center is not available on
          Sun Management Center DVD image, For all Sun Management Center
          documentation please visit :
          http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/coll/1734.1 website
          Setting up Addon[s]...
          Starting Sun Management Center Entry Level Platform Config Reader Server Setup
          Updating the Addon[s] family registry in database. Please wait..
          Addon[s] registry updated..
          Do you want to start Sun Management Center agent and server components now (y|n|q) y
          Java server started successfully.
          Grouping service started successfully.
          Could not start Agent.
          Topology service started successfully.
          Trap-handler service started successfully.
          Configuration service started successfully.
          Event-handler service started successfully.
          Metadata service started successfully.
          Web server started successfully.
          You can register this installation of Sun Management Center
          with Sun Microsystems, Inc.
          To Register, You may launch the Product Registration Client
          using the new browser user interface by selecting the Register
          link in the Tools accordion or, by clicking Tools Register menu item
          in the Sun Management Center Java based console.
          Alternatively, you may also launch the Product Registration Client
          using the command:
          javaws https://sunconnection.sun.com/RegistrationClient/client.jnlp
          Setup of Sun Management Center is complete.
          Setup logfile is : /var/opt/SUNWsymon/install/setup_sunmc.090526174913.25758
          Install logfile is : /var/opt/SUNWsymon/install/install_sunmc.090526174058.9888
                                  End of Installation
          Exiting Sun Management Center 4.0 installation.
          Now, if I start the Console
          ! root@sunmc:/tmp # es-start -c
          and try to login, I get the same error.


          Where is a logfile about it?

          -- Nick
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            I solved it by running es-setup -F
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              Did nikitelli's "#es-setup -F" also the trick in your case?
              Have the same error message here but the es-setup command
              above was not successfull.

              THX, Rainer
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                Ok, I can see that there are multiple problems here. 1) Getting an error message when running the es-start -c command to launch the SunMC console and 2) Getting the Blue folder for some server icons.

                Regarding problem 1)
                After you have ran the "es-setup -F", did you run "es-start -A"?

                Try running "svcs -a | grep sunmc" and see if you have all the services running and if your sunmcjavaserver is enabled. This is important since you need java server in order to run the SunMC console.

                If that doesn't work, you can try running "es-validate" and copy the output here so that we can take a look at all the products you have currently installed on the server and their status.

                Regarding problem 2)
                If you are seeing a blue folder for some of your server icons and you are positive that you have installed the addon for that hardware type, then this is because SunMC cannot find the family file that it needs in order to see the hardware type of that server. In that case, the agent is returning an invalid type for its Entity Family value. To fix this problem, do the following:

                1. Double-click on the blue folder to launch the Host Details window for it, and select the Info tab.

                2. Note the Entity Family value from this tab.

                3. On the SunMC server:

                # cd /opt/SUNWsymon/classes/base/console/cfg

                4. Copy a family that closely represents the host machine for which the blue folder appears. For example, if the machine is an Ultra 4 and the Entity Family value from step 2 is sun4u-abc, then do the following:

                # cp sun4u-Sun-Ultra-4-family-j.x sun4u-abc-family-j.x

                5. Restart the console.

                6. Recreate the monitored object.

                Pegah Garousi
                Halcyon Monitoring Solutions
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                  Hi Rainer,

                  I actually wound up blowing away that box and carefully reinstalling SunMC 4.0, and I'm at the point now where "es-start -c" works as advertised. No errors, I get straight to the console. I now have other SunMC issues to work through. :-)


                  - Dion