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    Update Manager Setup Wizard

      Dear all,
      we have installed the Update Manager Client S/W 1.0.10 (ie Patch 121119-16)
      on our x86 system running Solaris 10 5/08.
      From the Sun Java Desktop System Launch menu, we choose Applications/ Utilities/Update Manager
      to start the tool. But after the authentication process (root/PW) the Update Manager is saying:
      Setup Wizard Error - Setup Wizard is not installed
      How can this be installed?

      THX, Rainer
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          I, too, am having this problem with a recently installed instance of Solaris 10 10/09. I recently installed the system and custom removed a few packages from the Entire Group. However, it looks like we removed too many packages and it broke the updatemanager. I've attempted to install the SUNWccc* and ccf* packages to no avail. It'd be nice to know which particular package that wizard belongs to.