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    CACAO does not work with JDK1.6.0_18

      The common-agent-container will not run with the latest JDK. When I try to run cacao with JDK1.6.0_18 I get the following error in the SMF logs:

      [ Mar 18 11:23:53 Enabled. ]
      [ Mar 18 11:23:53 Executing start method ("/usr/lib/cacao/lib/tools/scripts/cacao_smf start default") ]
      Error: Fail to start cacao agent. default

      Which is completely unhelpful, but as I was playing around I changed the java.home variable in the /etc/cacao/instances/default/private/cacao.properties file to JDK1.6.0_14 and cacao now works.

      I have verified that cacao breaks on multiple machines when pointed to the JDK1.6.0_18