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    smpatch fails to install 137137-09 with 119254-66 installed

      We have a system at U5 kernel (127127-11)
      with newest patch utilities patch 119254-66 installed.
      smpatch itself is at 121118-16.

      Now smpatch add failes for U6 kernel patch:

      bash-3.00# smpatch add -i 137137-09
      add patch 137137-09
      Transition old-style patching.
      Error: Deferred Activation Patches such as /var/tmp/patchsort.1462.0/137137-09 cannot be installed with -t.

      This may be a side-effect of bugfix in 119254-65 ?
      6810176 patchadd -t 137137-09 is installing in non-DAP mode, leading to unbootable systems

      Any idea how to run smpatch to avoid patchadd -t ?