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    Installing "latest cluster patch" on Solaris 5.10 Jan '06

      Greetings :

      I am a complete Solaris noob in need of assistance. I am a network admin for an ISP and need to update some third party software on this Solaris box. Per the author, the software in question has been tested on SOL 5.10 01/06 but it is recommended to install the "latest patch cluster" prior to upgrade.

      To my knowledge this box has never been through any update. I attempted to go through the Sun Update registration/setup in the GUI but received an "internet connection failure", although the internet connection is working fine.

      My questions are :

      - What exactly is a "latest patch cluster" ?

      - How can I determine what "patch cluster" this box is currently on ?

      - What process would one normally go through to update the "patch cluster" ?

      I apologize ahead of time for the generality of the questions. I have been thrown into this project and although googling has given me some direction, any help would be appreciated.

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