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    boot: error loading interpreter (misc/sparcv9/krtld)

      I have two identical Sun Netra 210s. These servers were installed back in 2008 and have been running fine since that time.

      As far as I can tell from the logs, no new packages have been installed on the systems since 08.

      Recently, one of the servers needed to be rebooted.

      After the reboot I received the following errors:

      Rebooting with command: boot
      Boot device: disk0:a File and args:
      boot: cannot find misc/sparcv9/krtld
      boot: error loading interpreter (misc/sparcv9/krtld)
      Elf64 read error.
      boot failed
      Enter filename [platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix]:

      I was able to boot to the CD and mount disk0:a. The /platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix exists and seems to be fine.

      I have defaulted the relevent OBP values and nothing seems to help. I found references to missing SUNWckr packages causing errors similar to this, but re-installation of this package from the CD didn't help.

      I found references to this error 100s of time via Google. The recurring answer was "it must have gotten corrupted and fsck deleted the file. Re-install and restore from a backup."

      So, that is what I did. Then I rebooted the second of these two servers only to find that it too was afflicted with the same problem.

      Are there boot flags that I can use to get more detailed debugging output?

      Is it possible to boot to the kernel on the CD but make disk0:a the root mount?

      Or does anyone have any other suggestions where I should look for issues?

      On final bit of info, on the newly installed server, which is working fine, the misc/sparcv9/krtld file doesn't exist there either.