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    corestat on Ultra SPARC T2 reports high %sys usage on idle Solaris 10


      I am trying to run the corestat utility on Ultra SPARC T2 machine with Solaris 10 OS and observing that the %sys usage is about 45% on all 8 cores. I switched the system to run level 1 and shutdown all the network interfaces. Still the result were showing that %sys usage on all cores is 45%.

      I looked at the corestat file and saw that the cpustat command was being run in "nouser,sys" mode. When I ran the cpustat command manually with pic0=Instr_cnt,pic1=Instr_FGU_arithmetic,nouser,sys, I observed very high values for pic0 counters. When the cpustat was run in only user mode as pic0=Instr_cnt,pic1=Instr_FGU_arithmetic the values were normal and close to zero usage.

      One reference that I saw was "man cpustat" shows that with sys mode the pic0 and pic1 will be implemented with 32 bit counters. Guessing if this is causing the problem.

      Not able to understand if it is a problem with System Usage or Corestat utility ?