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    kssl kernel statistic


      can anybody explain this kssl kernel statistic or where can I find some paper for an explanation about the details of this output? (E.g. what means kssl_fatal_alerts).

      module: kssl instance: 0
      name: kssl_stats class: crypto
      crtime 102.929121772
      kssl_alloc_fails 0
      kssl_appdata_record_ins 707233
      kssl_appdata_record_outs 1646848
      kssl_bad_pre_master_secret 304
      kssl_compute_mac_failure 0
      kssl_fallback_connections 0
      kssl_fatal_alerts 1024
      kssl_full_handshakes 95359
      kssl_internal_errors 21
      kssl_no_suite_found 0
      kssl_proxy_fallback_failed 0
      kssl_record_decrypt_failure 0
      kssl_resumed_sessions 611502
      kssl_sid_cache_hits 611502
      kssl_sid_cache_lookups 615499
      kssl_sid_uncached 49414
      kssl_verify_mac_failure 541
      kssl_warning_alerts 0
      snaptime 254600.742840857


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          Here's some online info about kernel-based SSL support


          The online info seems a bit terse. If you don't mind reading the case documentation, this link brings you to the email describing the first amendment to the project. The initial project notes are not open to the public.

          Look under the Debugging link for the project on opensolaris.org. Although you rarely get in-depth discussion on relatively obscure projects, there might be some notes on the meaning of the kstats. If not, pretty much you hope the source code has some useful comments.