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    Exclude file from zone while lucreate


      I'm doing S10U5 to U6 LiveUpgrade (all infodoc patches installed and LU packages from U6 used) and want to exclude couple of huge directories inside zones, however lucreate copying them no matter what.

      i.e. two whole root zones zone1 and zone2 on SAN mounted as /zones with directories /u01 (relative to zone's root). Both u01 are around 150 GB and there's not enough space to copy them to new boot environment, so I just want to exclude them from copying and move manually later. But I can't exclude them in any documented way, lucreate always tries to copy them together with zone root.

      From global zone these directories accessible as /zones/zone1/root/u01 and /zones/zone2/root/u01 and they're on UFS.

      I've tried do

      lucreate -n "u6" -x /zones/zone1/root/u01 -x /zones/zone2/root/u01 -m /:/dev/md/dsk/d90:ufs -m /var:/dev/md/dsk/d93:ufs
      lucreate -n "u6" -z /var/tmp/exclude_list -m /:/....

      cat /var/tmp/exclude_list
      - /zones/zone1/root/u01
      - /zones/zone2/root/u01

      but lucreate still tries to copy them to /zones/zone1-u6/root/u01 and /zones/zone2-u6/root/u01 respectively.

      So, how do I exclude them ? Should they be addressed somehow relatively to zone root or in some other way ?

      oops, wrong subforum... sorry.

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