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      On solaris 8, I was installing RM6221 when I found that it modified the following file,

      bash-2.03# cat /kernel/drv/rdriver.conf
      name="rdriver" target=1 parent="/pseudo/rdnexus@0" probe=1 qtime=;

      # Copyright (c) 1996, Symbios Logic Inc.
      name="rdriver" parent="pseudo" instance=0;
      Could anyone please tell me what was the purpose of contents in original file and why RM6221 removed that and put its own contents there?

      After sometime I removed RM6221 at which time pkgrm took away /kernel/drv/rdrivers.conf

      My concern is was the original file being used by system? how to find that out and if required I need to create this missing rdriver.conf again?

      Any idea?
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          Drivers on the system look for their configuration files in paths (which include /kernel/drv) and filename <driver>.conf. So that file isn't going to be used by anything other than the rdriver driver. I don't think you would use that driver except with a few hardware pieces (like the A35xx array). RM includes the rdriver components.

          The details of the file govern how the driver creates nodes in the device tree. I do a lot of storage work, and I've never bothered to investigate the details for this file. I wouldn't worry about it.

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            You are 101% right, I rebooted the system w/o that file and it came up fine.

            Thank you!