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    USCSICMD ioctl calls for Fibre Channel(FC) devices on Solaris 10?

      Hi ,

      I have wrtitten a small C program that issues USCSICMD ioctl call to the tape devices attached on solaris sparc 10. I was able to get the required information from all SCSI tape devices attached using the utility. But, whenever it is run on FC attached tape drives , the program returns an error saying "Inappropriate ioctl for device".

      bash-2.05# inquiry /devices/pci@1f,4000/fibre-channel@2/fp@0,0:devctl
      inquiry: /devices/pci@1f,4000/fibre-channel@2/fp@0,0:devctl: scsi inquiry failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

      Is it possible to make an USCSICMD ioctl on FC attached tape devices ?. Can someone please provide an example if possible.