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    Help with a infiniband driver

      Here I share with you a question I received from Gustavo Wolfmann, a professor from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina. If you can help, would be great

      i am installing infiniband interfaces over our servers sun fire X2200, interfaces from mellanox, model MHGS18-XTC.
      As OS was installed Solaris 10, (upgrade 7 o 5 in others servers.)
      From Sun pages, i download Infiniband drivers for these kind of interfaces, version 3, the last available. In his documentation, it says that supports mellanox chip MT25204, the one that comes with our interfaces, with driver arbel.
      The problem is that, after installing these driver and reboot the server, the kernel not work properly with the hardware, almost in a part, because with dmesg we scan the activity with the interface, is recognized by the kernel, but the device is not created, as is signed in the tutorial , in /dev/ibd0, however the chip driver is loaded.

      After seaching in the internet, some people says that it must work over driver tavor in "compatibility mode". But i don't find anyhere how to set these mode over the driver.

      I consult with mellanox people and says that they don't support solaris. I consult with you (Sun) if sun people can fix the problem, and they said that Sun only support the certified hardware, obviously, not the mine.

      So, finally, i desist from work with solaris and reinstall linux over the servers. It was installed and infiniband hardware is recognized and work properly. The problem is that i work researching in HPC with linear algebra algorithm and libraries. Configuring the stack OS, infiniband driver, math library and compiler was horrific. It is done, but i not sure that was in the better form.

      These problem in configurating the old installation of the cluster using ethernet with solaris, sunperf library, sun studio complier and sun cluster tool, was not present, and as you know, i was doing same reaserch with these configuration.

      Then, i am disapointed with the absence of the driver for our hardware from Sun covering solaris. If it stay available, i don't spend one moths of my work reinstalling linux over the servers, but most important, i fill sure that works fine.

      So, the last question is if nobody in the entire corporation can assist me in my problem. If i can fix it, i gladly spend time reinstalling solaris over the cluster.

      Gustavo Wolfmann
      Lab. Computación
      Fac. Cs. Ex.Fis y Nat.