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    How to update CR 6841190 on lsimega?


      I logged a bug via http://bugs.opensolaris.org and received an email from bugmail-sender@sun.com but I can not find a way to update the bug

      The engineer posted the following questions


      Could you describe more detail about the performance and data integrity problem?

      There are no performance or data integrity problems that I have experienced.

      how the data integrity been effected? could the data be written and read correctly on the disk?

      There are no data integrity problems

      How the performance been effected? It is very slow to response? Could you provide the data or description about the low performance about this bug?

      The performance is fine

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      submitter - could you please clarify whether you did or did not see
      performance problems or data integrity issues relating to this issue.

      My reading of your comments is that you did not see such problems,
      anf that apart from the driver alias issue, all you are concerned about
      here is the Page83 warning. Please confirm.

      +The only problem is that the lsimega driver is not configured to recognise the compatible LSI devices which use a common interface and common driver.
      The driver needs to update so that includes the missing pci identification numbers.+

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