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    Need driver for DFE-530TX+ NIC for Solaris 10

      I'm having a real hard time finding an installing the driver that i need for my D-Link DFE-530TX+ NIC card. I found the Driver name, and the version in the Solaris HCL. But there is not any way for me to download the driver from the Sun's web site.

      Does anyone knows where I can find a working driver for my Solaris 10 OS. Please let me know...

      Thank you.
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          Yes, that model NIC from D-link is listed in the HCL:
          D-link is one of those manufacturers that will occasionally change
          the chipset they use in their products, yet NOT change a product name.
          (Netgear did it a few years ago with their FA31x line of cards.)

          Does your card use the RealTek chipset that was mentioned in that HCL entry?
          You will need to take it out of the computer and examine it.
          If "Yes", then get the driver from RealTek, directly:
          ... there's no place like the original manufacturer.

          If you prefer to compile and install your own from someone else's source,
          there is a download available from this third-party web link:
          Masa Murayama's drivers page has been available for many years
          and is one of the 3rd party links on Sun's HCL page.
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            You can download driver for D-Link DFE-530TX here:
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              I would not trust that link in response #2.
              (1) the URL has no relationship with any manufacturer,
              (2) all it shows you is a link to a download site at `depositfiles` which anyone can feed with downloads,
              (3) there's no information whether the supposed driver is a legitimate file for that hardware and for your Operating environment or something filled with malware.

              See my response #1 -- there are too many easy legitimate ways to get the driver.
              Don't try a questionable one from someone that joins a forum just to make such a posting.

              In this particular instance, I don't see any malware in the zipfile.
              It's just the wrong file.
              It's an old driver from 2003, for Win3x, Netware, DOS, and Linux 2.2.x
              It's the driver for the 530TX and not the 530TX+ card, so it is NOT what the original poster was asking for.

              ... and there's nothing in it for Solaris.
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                google vfe-1.1.0 or any other version.

                the file must be downloaded with .gz format.

                use # gunzip vfe*.gz
                # tar xvf vfe*.tar

                # cd vfe-2.3.1
                # rm Makefile obj
                # ln -s Makefile.`isainfo -n`_gcc Makefile
                # ln -s `isainfo -n` obj
                # /usr/ccs/bin/make install
                /usr/sbin/install -f /kernel/drv/ -m 755 -u root -g sys i386/vfe
                new owner is root
                i386/vfe installed as /kernel/drv/vfe
                # .//adddrv.sh

                #ifconfig vfe0 plumb <ip address> up

                # ping any ip address which is in network.

                create /etc/hostname.vfe0 for permanent interface....

                reply me if any problem in this...