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    Solaris nis client can't connect to Windows 2008 NIS Server across subnets

      I have been using Microsoft Windows Server for NIS for years to centralize some accounts accessing Solaris and Linux OS.
      Windows 2003 R2 Indentity Management for UNIX version of Server for NIS was last working version with Solairs.
      After upgrading Domain to Windows 2008 all Solaris clients that are on different subnets fail to bind and connect to NIS servers now.
      These servers already were setup using ypinit -c to manually add the NIS servers to connect to and prior to Windows 2008 this worked.
      Now no Solaris nis clients on different subnets (no firewall between) can connect , but other Unix/Linux OS connect fine.
      Is this a known issue and can we get a resolution as it seems only Solaris is affected?