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    CAlling a Windows app from Solaris

      Is it possible to make a call from a Solaris system to a Windows app? I am trying to setup a process in Oracle ERP which is on a Solaris server that will make a call at the end of the process to a windows app. The windows app will responds to a cmd line call but I hae no idea how to make a Soalris server call the windows server much less the app at teh cmd line.
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          This is not so easy.

          In principle - if you do not have the source code of the Windows App - there are two possibilities:

          - Try to run the App under Wine. Wine is an application that can run (some) Windows Apps under Linux, Solaris, BSD etc.
          - Use a virtual machine or a second server that runs MS Windows and a telnet server. Call the App via telnet.

          Of course you do not have any chance to get the App running on a Sparc machine. (Maybe using a x86 processor emulation.)