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    Mirroring Windows Server to a Solaris Server using filesync & NFS

      I am trying to mirror the data from a Windows 2000 server to a Solaris 10 server using filesync over NFS. I have been able to do this from one solaris/sparc machine to another without problems, but this heterogeneous sync is failing. The Windoze machine is running Hummingbird NFS Maestro Server. I've tried both an old version of Maestro (5.x) and the newest version. On the solaris machine, I craft the .packingrules file by hand and issue "filesync -o src" to copy from the nfs mounted source to a local directory. The initial copy seems to go well, albeit with numerous complaints about ownership and permissions. On either the second or third running of "filesync -o src", it wants to delete all of the files that it just wrote. Argh! Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

      Perhaps I need to mirror in some other way. If all else fails, next I'll compile rsync on the solaris machine, trying it over NFS.

      I'd appreciate any suggestions of how best to mirror.

      By the way, my goal here is to show to Windoze PC users that this Solaris server can do everything that the Windows server can do, and more. With hopes, I'll be able to migrate completely off of the Windoze server.