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    Multiple SAMBA sol 10 servers sharing home folders

      Hello all,

      I am wondering how you go about the following:

      We have a decently large sunray network at our school, around 100 rays and we have 2 servers, a v880 and a v440, currently the v880 is doing all the rays and after about 70 kids are logged in and a class of around 24 are using GIMP the box starts to feel the strain, the v440 was replaced with the v880 at the start of this year.

      I plan to setup load balancing with the servers on SRSS which i hope won't be too much trouble, but what i need to know is how i can share the home folders.
      We have a Win2k3 server running AD and the v880 is running samba which allows the kids to authenticate using their windows login details but their home folders are stored on he v880 and samba shares them so the windows computers can connect to them when a kids logs in and ofcourse they can access them when they are logged into the v880 it's self.
      But i want the v440 to be able to access the home directories aswell, so what i believe i have to do is export the home directories "/export/home" as a NFS share on the v880 and mount to it as "/export/home" on the v440 and configure samba iddentically on the v440 to the v880's config.

      That was i believe that all the home directories are accessable from iddenticle locations on both sunfire servers and the permissions are iddenticle between boxes because they are both authenticating of the AD on the win 2k3 box.

      Is this the way to do it or is there another way of doing it?

      A couple of reasons why it might not work are (at a guess):
      NFS does not care about permissions set by samba located on the AD
      If a kids manages to log into the v880 then onto the v440 then JDS will spew because the files are already in use (same with any other program)
      There might be some sort of colission between the boxes because both are munted to the same home directory location
      In the smb.conf file there is the section about the basehomedir or templatehomedir and as i understand it that must be a unix style address such as "/export/home", it cannot be a UNC address, true or false??

      thanks for reading and any replies!
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          I have now successfully jonied both servers to the ADS domain.

          I have shared /export/home on the v880 and mounted it on the v440 and it does not work, i can see all the home folders on the v440 and the permissions but which are all correct. But if i were to login to my own personal account on the v440 i don't have access to even view my home folder whcih according to the ACL is read/ write/ execute for my username.

          Is it possible that NFS is putting it's own permissions ontop of the original file ACLs or perhaps the UIDS or GIDs are different for AD users on the v440 and v880, which i believe wouldn't make sense because the whole point of AD is to centralise authentication e.t.c.