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    need help to configure CMI9880 audio card

      hello to everyone! :)
      I' ve installed Solaris 4 days ago and I really need help , I m confused! : S . .. where can I find driver for my integrated sound card CMI9880 e and first of all how can I install them since I did not manage to find in the terminal a command line like the .\config or the make lines in Linux ??? the program for solaris are just like the linux one ? I only had to download the source code and then compile them or not ? can you even this to me?
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          While preparing for your Solaris installation, did you investigate the Hardware Compatibility List ?
          That would guide you whether any of your components would even work.


          I just took a quick glance. Your audio chipset is not there.

          If yours is a desktop PeeCee, go get a cheap add-on card (such as the ubiquitous Creative Soundblaster).
          If that's a laptop PeeCee, you're out of luck. Pick a different computer or do without sound.
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            ok , I understand. But if I had an other supported sound card, what should I write in the terminal ( step by step is very appreciated) to compile and install that driver on my computer , how can I compile the other programs that I'll download.?? Thanks for the disposability :) ..
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              If the audio chipset is natively recognized by Solaris, it just works.
              That's why I selected a used Creative card with a ESS1371 chipset on it.
              It cost me all of $US2.00
              (a reconfiguration reboot might be necessary if you're adding it after the OS is installed)

              If you need to use third party drivers,
              there will be instructions included in whatever zipfile
              you would be downloading from that third-party provider.
              That provider decides how you do whatever needs to be done.

              Go back to that HCL that I linked earlier. Spend some time reading it.
              Follow some of the links to third-party downloads.
              Get them and investigate what's inside the zipfiles.