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    Newbie to Unix (Solaris)

      Hi, as the title of my post says, I am totally new to this system. However I am eager to learn. I start looking for help on unix.com forum. I am posting on here hoping I can get more success as well. Please see link which I am referencing from unix.com. It has my questions on it.


      I hope I can get some of my questions answered in a newbie friendly manner. Thank you in advance.
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          No help after 10 viewing? :(
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            You should post the question here and not a link...

            It is recommended to install Solaris first, and only then Windows.
            GRUB can be configured to boot XP.
            Windows in 99.9% cases can't boot any verion of Unix/Linux.

            Before you start installation, you have to create a partition for Solaris and another one for Win.

            The easyest way is to have two phisical hard drives, and every time you want to boot one or other OS, just select it from BIOS. It is fully problem free solution, IDE/SATA drives are not expensive. In this case you can choose installation order.
            how do I use solaris or set it up such that it has similar functionality like I do in windows
            Unix is not Windows! You can use Java Desktop with windows-like GUI.
            But I have problems accessing or finding the newly plugged in USB key
            You have to mount it on your partition in order to use it.

            I have migrated from Windows too, in the begining I didn't understand how to work with it. It takes a little time to start, but when you will be "in", you will understand that this Operating System is much better than Windows.