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    SUN and Microsoft NT 4.0 DHCP Server

      Hi all,

      I have some old type Wyse Thin Client Terminal (Thin client type WinTerm 2300SE) and I am doing a migration from old network to the new network. On the old network, we are using a Microsoft NT4 DHCP Server and on the new network, we are using a SUN DHCP Server and it's running Solaris 5.8.

      The problem is all old type Wyse Thin Client Terminal couldn't obtain the IP address from SUN DHCP Server but it has no problem with Microsoft NT4 DHCP Server. This problem happens only on old type Wyse Terminal but the rest of the clients are perfectly obtaining the IP address from both Server.

      When I did a sniffer trace, the SUN DHCP Server offerred an IP address to the this client but after this client accepted the offer and inform back to SUN Server, the SUN Server never acknowledged this request. So the Wyse client never get the IP address.