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    Solaris 10 and SAS Autoloader 1/8 G2

      Hello everybody,

      I have Proliant DL 360 G6 with Solaris 10, Smart Array p212 and HP 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader (with SAS cable).

      What steps should I take to make it work together? I haven't find any documentation for such configuration (Solaris + SAS + autoloader). Solaris doesn't see autoloader. /dev/rmt is empty.
      First of all I've updated drivers for p212 controller.

      cfgadm -al shows me:
      c2 scsi-bus connected unconfigured unknown
      and nothing else relative c2

      cfgadm -c configure c2 is not working, c2 stays unconfigured

      I asked on HP forums but I didn't get any answer.

      Can anybody help me?