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    HPSMHD - SM Homepage does not work


      i installed the hpsmhd as described in the document from HP (http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=428936&prodNameId=3288114&swEnvOID=2023&swLang=8&mode=2&taskId=135&swItem=MTX-d6b44e3b60b844b0827893b499)

      But there are no informations in the sys management homepage, and on the top right it says: System Model: NULL

      I think this has something to do with the snmpd daemon but i am not sure what to change.

      This is my /etc/sma/snmp/snmpd.conf:
      rwcommunity hp$insight localhost
      rocommunity hp$ localhost
      rwcommunity hp$insight 192.168.XXX.200
      rocommunity hp$ 192.168.XXX.200
      syscontact XXX
      # dlmods for the seaProxy
      # We require amd64 entries for 64/32 bit support
      dlmod seaProxy /usr/sfw/lib/libseaProxy.so
      dlmod seaExtensions /usr/sfw/lib/libseaExtensions.so
      dlmod seaProxy /usr/sfw/lib/amd64/libseaProxy.so
      dlmod seaExtensions /usr/sfw/lib/amd64/libseaExtensions.so
      AgentXTimeout 20
      master agentx
      Any Idea?