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    Error in Running LEX Program

      hi Friends,
      I'm using Solaries 5.2, I have a lex program which is already running in MainFrame, It is compiled in MVS compiler. When I try to use the same program without any change, I face the following errors.

      Error: Parse Tree too big

      in my decleration section, I found these lines,

      %s RTE
      %e 6000
      %n 1500
      %p 27000
      and I changed the above value to default one, no use. I get the same error. So I decide to increase the values to

      %s RTE
      %e 600000
      %n 150000000
      %p 270000000
      %k 600000

      after these, parse tree too big error get solved. But now i'm facing a new error, which I dont know how to solve.

      The error i'm getting now is

      Error: Too many positions for one state - acompute

      please provide me a solution for this.
      apart from this is there anything I have to note on while converting from Mainframe to Solaries?