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    Scriptran utility

      Currently researching application migration from HP-UX 11 to Solaris 9.
      understand that there is a utility scriptran used for scanning shell scripts to "reports any compatibility issues caused by
      differences between HP-UX and the Solaris Operating System" - as per Sun documentation. Does anyone know the location this script is ?. I do nnot seem to see this installed anywhere on the Sun box.
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          We are trying to migrate from Linux to Solaris 10 and I found scriptran here:

          However, I cannot get it to run as it keeps complaining about the issues database not found. I am running it on a Solaris box and have turned verbose on. The database it is looking for is there in the PATH. Don't see a HP-UX DB there though. Just a Linux one.
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            Does anyone have a solution to the "issues database not found" ?

            I am having the same problem.

            $ echo $PATH
            $ scriptran --verbose
            verbose mode is on
            VERBOSE: Looking for database 'scriptran-linux-lsb.db'
            Failed to find database, directory containing databases should be in PATH.
            $ which scriptran-linux-lsb.db