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    LTO3-HPSC to Dual SCSI Card

      I have installed SL500 with 5 SCSI Tape drive LTO3-HPSC connected to SunFire V490 with 3 PCI-X - Dual Ultra-320 SCSI Cards LSI , but I can't see the cards on OBP
      when I issue probe-scsi-all result is /pci@8,70000/scsi@2 , I've installed the recommended driver and patches but I can't see the tape drives under /dev/rmt here is what is on the /var/adm/messages ::

      Oct 3 11:23:06 dbserver scsi: lus1 at mpt1: target 0 lun 0
      Oct 3 11:23:06 dbserver genunix: lus1 is /pci@8,700000/scsi@2,1/lus@0,0
      Oct 3 11:23:06 dbserver lus: no match for pci1000,30 found in lus.conf:
      Oct 3 11:23:06 dbserver lus: ntargets - 8 - based on bus width

      even when I issue #cfgadm it appears to be connected & configured but the state is unknown ?

      any idea about this?