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    long listing of files

      Hi guys!

      Does any one knows what is the quick way of getting ls -la output in solaris? I worked with HPUX for 8 years and used " ll " command for that. Now I am having problems in solaris with this command ( force of habit).

      Thanks in advance!
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          have you tried -

          alias 'll=/bin/ls -la'


          edit - hey I just saw your post over on that old thread about HPUX to Solaris course -

          I understand that most admins LOVE the os that they grew up on and don't necessarily like other OSs, always longing for that certain command that existed in their old OS. Trust me I do since I started out supporting Solaris and have since come to work on HPUX (10.20, 11, 11.11, 11.23) and NCR 3.02 on a daily basis, as well as other variants in passing

          Heres the bottom line, all OSs have their strong points and weak points, it's just finding how to interact successfully with them that helps you be the better admin - just my $0.02 - jeff
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            I tried alias ll=ls -la but without the full path for ls. I will definitely give it a try.

            I agreee with you. I am truely spoiled by SAM since it is so easy to use compared to SMC GUI.

            Solaris upgrade from 9 to 10 has changed things drasticaly compare to hp change from 10.20 to 11i or 11.23. There is little confusion about 11.23 itanium or parisc but other then that OS has very few changes (for eg. Solaris discontinued admintool altogether when upgraded from 9 to 10).

            I am prety sure a year from now I will have better opinion about Solaris and I will appreciate it more.

            Thanks for your response.

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              It was a good suggestion. It
              worked for rgulur userid. But root won't take any alias (for some scurity related reason perhaps).
              Thanks agin for great help!
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                probably more of a shell compatibility issue, try a few different shells and see if one behaves differently than the others... - jeff
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                  You can update it in os /etc/profile file as alias way alias ll='/usr/ls -la'. whenever system is rebooted that profile will active for all . i think if you login with root or normal user add aditional variables from $HOME/profile to the system profile.
                  write a script with name as ll in /usr/bin
                  vi ll
                  ls -la
                  change the premissions to excute for all....
                  i think in this way also you can use it.