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    Feedback on course?

      Has anyone taken this course?:
      Solaris Operating System Administration for Experienced HP-UX and Tru64 Administrators (STS-277)

      Pros and cons you can share? Am planning to ask my mgmt about taking it, but wanted to get some feedback first... thx...
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          Take it. Not only is it insightful and necessary, you'll beg to stay on a quality OS like HP-UX. Solaris is a deep pit of misery for people who have worked on HP-UX. For Sys Admins who have always been on Solaris, it's fine if you want no way of seeing your disk assignment with one command.....
          Solaris takes you back to the old days of Sco/UNIX, with disk slices and partitions, and 70 different flavours of filesystem and disk management.
          IMHO, Solaris has the following benefits over HP-UX:
          - you can see your CPUs
          - you can display your installed memory

          That's it.
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            hehe, that is a true optimist :)

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              not very encouraging to someone like me who just switched to Solaris after working on HP-UX for 8 years.
              Too late.
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                If you are an experienced UNIX SysAdm, ask for the training material and forget the class. The training material is excellent. All you need, is a list of changes and a good reference. Remember: UNIX is always UNIX. Different commands, options and syntaxes are only the way to do something that you are used to do with hp-ux (or Tru64).

                I'm a Tru64 person and for me Solaris is like going back in time but...here I'm ;)