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    NIC Config

      s there a way to find out what NIC cards and type of cards installed on the system while system is running.. I can do prtdiag and prtconf and see that there are NIC installed on the system, but on some v210 it does not tell me if it's bge/ce/hme etc..

      I am looking for following info;

      * How many cards installed?
      * What type of cards? ie(ce/hme/bg..etc)
      * Which one are active out of available

      Any tool out there that can give me the info I want?
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          Have a look at /etc/path_to_inst file.

          This will tell you the cards/type of cards installed in a system.
          For active cards, ifconfig -a shows them all. It depends on you as u plumb them & make them active.