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    ioscan command

      What's the Solaris equivalent of HP's ioscan command. Like this:

      ioscan -funC disk
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          There is no 1:1 equivalent to ioscan, but devfsadm (or the old drvconfig;devlinks;disks combo) does a probe and format will display the results...
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            You can also use prtdiag, prtconf and prtvtoc to see what's going on with the H/W, then use metastat or vxlist to show the disks that are in use.
            The problem with Solaris is the "layers over layers" system of using pseudo devices above pseudo devices to manage the hardware.
            The device paths suffer from this malais, and we won't even discuss the disk management systems.
            On HP, a simple call to "ioscan -fnC disk" can be grep'ed to provide disk IDs. This can be compared to a "vgdisplay -v" output to get a list of unused disks.
            On Solaris, THERE IS NO WAY TO DO THIS!!!!!
            Good luck. I think you need it.
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              iostat can, i believe.. Also you can (on most platforms) use cfgadm to list disks.

              For example you can use
              cfgadm -al

              which will list all hardware that cfgadm recognise, to view only disks, use
              cfgadm -as "match=exact,select=type(disk)"

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                I was told that a ls -1 /dev/dsk/*s2 was the way to list disks when I asked about it. It isn't big or clever, but it does tend to do the job!
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                  iostat -xn 1 1