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    Question about attributes in PIM

      Hi all,

      We are in the process of implementing PIM for a client and I have a few "UI" questions regarding product attributes.

      In both Product Workbench (Java applet) and Item Catalog (HTML) you can see a list of attributes native and user-defined.


      ITEM level
      --Transaction Attribs
      --Custom Group Attribs1+
      --Custom Group Attribs2+

      STRUCTURE Level
      --Custom Structure Pages+
      ----Custom Structure Group
      ------Custom Structure Attributes

      COMPONENT Level
      --Material Control
      --Item Detail
      Custom Component Attribute1

      What I would like to ask is if it is possible to "customize" the UI by selecting which of the attributes for each level we want to show to the users. More specifically, is it possible to show only the Physical, Custom Group Attribs & Custom Group at ITEM Level and only Custom Component Attribute at COMPONENT Level???