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    Debug Email PO functionality

      Hey Guys,

      I have got two PO's in I procurement module for which email did not go to the supplier.This functionality is implemented through XML gateway.

      Can you tell me how to debug the issue , what should be the approach. I am new to i proc , please help !

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          Karthik Gopaluni

          Check whether the WF BG engine is scheduled for the PO Approval WF.
          If it is scheduled then you can check the notification history and see if it was related to any wrong mail address/missing address.

          You can do this by also doing View Approval through Work Flow form the Purchase Order Summary screen for the trouble PO's.

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            Thanks Karthik for the reply.

            I didn't have the responsibility so could not check the View Approval from PO Summary screen.

            I have checked from the backend though and the workflow is completed without any error.

            The problem is only for 2-3 PO's and otherwise Emails are going to the supplier so there should not be any problem with the supplier email id setup.

            I think problem is related to the PO data.What could be checked or what should be the approach now?

            Thanks a lot.

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              Karthik Gopaluni

              Do you know the program (which will mostly be custom) that is used in the WF to generate the PO PDF?
              If so please try to run the program for these PO's and see if the concurrent program is generating the PDF with the correct PO information.

              You said that the WF is complete status without errors, did you check the event send Email is referring to the correct address?
              I am asking this because some times when the email id gets appended with AMERICAN (language mode in the PDF), don't know the exact reason though.

              Also can go to purchase order summary form for any of these PO's and try Tools>>Communicate (you can put ur email add for testin) option to see if the PO PDF is coming?

              Do you find any attachments for these PO's from the PO form (after opening the PO)?