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    PCG 7: Flow Rules help

      E-Bus 11i Flow Rules Help

      Hi I need to create a flow rule that will notify an employee's supervisor when a user updates their own employee record.

      So I need to link the LAST_UPDATED_BY of the currently updated record to employee_id from FND_USER
      where the FND_USER.USER_ID = <current>.LAST_UPDATED_BY

      I'm looking at my Flow Rule Launch Criteria, but I cannot see how I can say....
      VALUE= <result of my SQL> <==========

      It looks like I can only put specific hardcoded values in here ??

      Any ideas, or examples for this type of thing?

      Is my requirement clear?

      Russell Foster
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          Hi Foster

          In the launch criteria you can specify under the table name FND_USER, Relationship keys would be (USER_NAME, USER_ID)
          please check the check box "UPdate" uncheck "Insert"

          coming to the columns enter value "LAST_UPDATE_BY" and condition "IS Update"
          the value part cannot be updated.

          The launch criteria created specifies that when ever the colum Last_update_by of FND_USER is updated the flow rule will get fired.

          Please try and let me know if u face any issues