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    Importing Accounts into SRM 5.0

      I am new to SRM and would like to know the following?

      1. While configuring a new AD resource, I provided the details of the machine running AD (hostname and ip). How can I cross check if connection to AD was successful?

      2. I am trying to import AD accounts. These are the steps I follow:
      Create a file called AD_accounts.rbx with details like resource, username<Corelation key>....., place this in the schema file.
      Create a file called AD_user01_accounts and give the required data. Place this file in the folder "in"
      Schedule an import job

      My import job status comes as NOT Started.

      Any idea what I am missing here?
      Does anyone have a sample of the import files?

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          Hi Sunita,

          You need to set up and configure the the Attributes for the Resource Type before you start the import. Refer the below documentation for Attributes configuration.


          My sample schema

          # @iam:namespace name="Microsoft" shortName="MS"

          My Sample Input

          "Cox01","Microsoft Excel","rbactest.com"

          But when i try to import, i get a Correlation error as "No user found for account 'null' [UserName=Cox01] "

          Please let me know if you were able to import accounts into and it would be great if you could share the schema and input formats you are using.