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    Not able to import Accounts in SRM 5.0.3

      Hi All,

      I am not able import accounts in SRM 5.03. I get the following warning when i try to import the following records.


      The schema that i have is given below.

      # @iam:namespace name="AdminServerApplication" shortName="AsApp"

      AdminServerDev1Application - endpoint is available
      jaykay.b,ravi.g - usernames exists in global_users table

      i get the following error

      05/30/2010 15:28:23 WARN DUPLICATE RECORD Duplicate account 'null@RBACx' found during import, applying duplicate action 'keepLast'
      05/30/2010 15:28:23 WARN CORRELATION ERROR No user found for account 'null' [UserName=jaykay.b]

      Please help! Thanks in advance