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    Sun Role Manager integration to Oracle Identity Manager

      Hi all,
      I'm currently evaluating Sun Role Manager 5.0 functionality and for that purpose I need to integrate it to a Oracle Identity Manager instance. Does anyone know/have a guide for integrating both products. I plan to install and run them both on the same host system:
      Windows Server 2003
      Weblogic 10.3
      Oracle DB 11g

      Any help or experience is highly appreciated!
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          AMAR PATIL
          Hey Buddy,
          Even I'm integrating OIM with SRM.
          we can work together to resolve it.
          following is a headsup for u.
          prerequisite: u must have some exp on OIM, like writing a job task.

          for integration: from SRM: you need SRM manuals. u can download them from wikis.sun.com

          integration will be mostly asynchronous.

          mail me directly on amar.patil21@gmail.com, we'll continue our discussion there.

          Have a great day.

          thanks and regards: