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    Direcotry based authenticaiton in iplanet cms 4.7

      Hello Dear friends,

      I am working on iplanet cms 4.7 and performing demo installation and facing some problems. The problem is when i generate the request for the certificate from the same computer where i have performed the installation, there is no problem the request come to the service agent and get approved by getting the certificate. When i request for the certificate from another computer, request is not coming in the proper format specially the subject of request some thing like * * Malformed Subject Name * *. When i try to generate it or do it i get the error which is given below.

      The Certificate Management System has encountered an unrecoverable error.
      Error Message:
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: malformed AVA DER Value
      Please contact your local administrator for assistance.

      The second problem is when i create the user for ldap authentication and go the service agent and use the tab directory based authentication as written in the administration guide but it gives error for that user, you are not authorized to perform this operation.

      Please provide me some help, how can i resolve these issue thanks in advance.