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    Filtering/Sorting Crypto Providers in IE6

      In IE6, the default crypto provider is GemSafe, which we do not offer. Is there a way to modify this list so the appropriate provider is the default, or even remove the extraneous one?
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          Why don't just create a customized page?
          ============================= VBS =
          <Enroll>.providerType = 1

          i = 0
          provider = ""
          provider = <Enroll>.enumProviders(i,0)

          xfound = -1
          xdefault = -1

          While Len(provider) <> 0
          Set selection = document.createElement("OPTION")
          selection.text = provider
          selection.value = 1

          xfound = StrComp("Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0",selection.text, 1)
          If xfound = 0 Then
          xdefault = i
          End If

          i = i + 1
          provider = ""
          provider = <Enroll>.enumProviders(i,0)

          If xdefault > -1 Then
          document.all.<form-select>.options.selectedIndex = xdefault
          End If
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            Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately, since the cryptographic providers are extracted directly from the browser, and different IE browsers contain different providers, I need to be sure that I populate the list with options that I'm certain the browser will accept.

            Obviously this is getting a bit complicated when you factor in the IE browsers that also may not have updated xenroll.dll as well.

            For now, my solution is to simply filter out non-Microsoft providers in the VB script function 'FindProviders' with a conditional statement as follows:

            If InStr(1, el.Text, "Microsoft", vbTextCompare) Then
            End If

            Also, since clients with the old xenroll.dll version will not successfully retrieve a list of cryptographic providers, it's a small task to check for an empty string and redirect the user to a Help Page with update instructions.

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              Well, names are provided by the corresponding CSPs. They are operating system specific, not a browser-specific. Base Security Provider is standard for all Microsoft OSes, Enhanced Security Provider is a recent addition.
              Talking about different XEnrolls, just add a simple check for the correct clsid to your script. See my second post today for the example.