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    Server Supports sorting control but get unavailableCriticalExtension

      I am getting unavailableCriticalExtension when sending server
      control type "1.2.840.113556.1.4.473" (sortKeyList)
      criticality: True
      SortKeyList: 1 item
      attributeType: sn

      I found the following description that sort of makes sense but how do I fix this?

      If the server supports this sorting control but for some reason
      cannot sort the search results using the specified sort keys and
      the client specified TRUE for the control's criticality field,
      then the server SHOULD do the following: return
      unavailableCriticalExtension as a return code in the
      searchResultDone message; include the sortKeyResponseControl in
      the searchResultDone message, and not send back any search result