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    ACI for corporate address book search


      I am using IDS52 and IMS52. My exisiting domain is abc.com. Due to certain circumstance, I have created another domain called; xyz.abc.com under the same messaging server. I do not want users from abc.com to see xyz.abc.com email address when they do a corporate address book search using their email client, eg:outlook express.

      I have created one aci under xyz.abc.com

      (targetattr = "*") (target = "ldap:///o=xyz.abc.com,dc=abc,dc=com") (version 3.0;acl "test";deny (read,search) userdn != "ldap:///o=xyz.abc.com,dc=abc,dc=com??sub?(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)";))

      Using this aci I am not only block people from abc.com to search xyz.abc.com address. In fact, people in xyz.abc.com also blocked from searching the address under their domain.

      Can somebody help me, is there anything wrong with my aci? How should i rewrite it? Please help!! Thank you