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    Filter based group - viewing contents


      I'm trying to figure out how to see if a filter defined group on a Sun One 5.2 Directory server is getting the objects required.

      The filter group was defined by someone else. I've got several LDAP search tools available to me, but can't get results that I expect.

      The group is defined as:

      objectClass: top
      objectClass: groupofuniquenames
      objectClass: groupofurls
      memberURL: ldap:///ou=People,dc=app,dc=sample,dc=com??sub?(&(objectclass=person)(uid=*)(ntuserdomaindi=*sample*))

      The group is defined in the tree as:


      My expectation, using ldp, ldapsearch, or Softerra's LDAP Browser, is that when I attempt to open the tree looking at the 'Employees' group, I would see a list of the objects that the filter selected. I Don't see any thing.

      Am I looking this in a WRONG way, or is my query not working?

      TIA, Scott