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    Sun Java Meta-Directory

      Quick question is there a Sun Java Meta-Directory planned in the roadmaps or is this product just retired....
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          This product has been retired. The new product taking up this functionality is called Sun Java Identity Manager (aka Waveset Lighthouse). This product offers much more functionality than the plain synchronization functionality. Please see http://www.sun.com/software/products/identity_mgr/index.xml
          for details.

          Reg/Suveer Chainani
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            Is there any sort of 'migration tool' planned by Sun to assist in the move from an installed working MetaDirectory to the new Lighthouse/Identity Manager.. or has everything to be recreated?
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              The architecture of the 2 products are fairly different. So having an automatic migration tool is not possible. However, there is an internal document/kit (with working examples) of typical migrations. Please contant you Sun sales rep for details.
              Suveer Chainani