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    J2EE baced IAB Studio is a new in-browser development toolset

      IAB Studio (www.iabstudion.com) is a new in-browser development environment for the development of Web applications. It provides thin but Rich Client for Rich Internet Applications. Zero or minimum coding required to implement complex applications with IAB Studio.
      A wide range of tools is available for users: developers or visitors.

      This J2EE based development studio includes:

      Application Builder Suite
      Data Management/Reporting Suite
      Workflow Suite
      Instant Messenger
      Appointment Scheduler

      This, all-in-one unique control-based toolset also includes built-in modules: Security, Membership, SysAdmin, DB Admin, Content Manager, and many other essential and advanced features.

      Welcome to IAB Studio www.iabstudio.com from WorcsNet www.worcsnet.com