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    Help Configuring OpenSSO SP to use PingFederate IdP

      Hi Guys,

      I have the following scenario :

      Current Status:
      - Server A has: Reverse Proxy + WebAgent
      - Server B has: Opensso + openDS
      - Server C has: our application + Oracle database

      OpenSSO Security Configuration

      web agent is set to protect specifics URL's

      All subject/users are in the openDS

      After successfully LDAP authentication a UID header
      parameters is passed to out Tomcat application.

      So if we will take a specific scenario:
      URL https://Specific.Link.Protected.By_OpenSSO_web-agent.com

      All we would like to do now is to add to this configuration a Federation set-up.
      Meaning we would like to set this OpenSSO as an SP as well.

      Meaning Pepole will do the Authentication using the PingFederate and the token will go the the OpenSSO to let them access to the other application.

      We should connect this OpenSSO to ping-federate product and use SAML2.

      Do you guys have any supporting document how we shall configure and set it up?

      Did anybody did anything like that before ?


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          Hi. I'm the Community Evangelist for Ping Identity.

          You will need to set up the correct metadata.

          Here is some documentation about the configuration on the Ping Federate side:

          If you are a customer, please consider opening a support ticket via the customer portal or by sending an email to support at pingidentity.com

          If you are not a customer, we would still like to help. Send a message to me ssidner at pingidentity.com and I will have one of our whiz sales engineers contact you. And we won't pester you to death to buy our products, although they do complement OAM nicely, and make all this stuff easy. We'll just help you get your side working, and demonstrate what a great company we are to do business with!