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    Help configuring custom application with SSO plugin for tomcat App Server


      I need to integrate a Single Sign On plugin and use it to authenticate to my custom web application which runs on tomcat application server. I tried JOSSO and even though their documentation is very well orgnanized I am missing the piece how to establish the integration on my web application level. For example how do I hook up my custom "Login" page to utilize thje SSO plugin to authenticate? FYI: I am not limited to JOSSO I can also use any other SSO plugin for tomcat.

      I think it would really helpful is someone can get me on the right track in terms of how I need to modify my code? I know it has to do something with passing info via cookie and/or http header , but I am clueless how to make it happen form implementation perspective.

      My web setup is as follows: tomcat 6.20 as a web server, java back-end, client is flash based (Flex).

      Thank you very much in advance.