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    Authentication failed after implementing password policy


      I have configured Sun One Directory Server 6.3 for config and user data store for my OpenSSO.

      I have implemented Force Password Reset on Next Login and it is working fine.

      Application Server:Glassfish

      After implementing password policy in the directory server,I am unable to log in to the console with Opensso Admin i.e., amAdmin .It is saying Authentication failed.

      Any help regarding this is highly appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,
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          Hi All,

          I have solved the problem....Posting here in view of helping others.

          While I was implementing Password Policy I need to change Authentication module from DataStore to LDAP which was the root cause.

          If you change the authentication module for the root realm to anything besides DataStore, amadmin will not be able to log into the Console.

          WorkAround: Use this URL for login http://fqdn:port/deploy_uri/UI/Login?module=DataStore.