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    Wild Card not wokring in defining not-enforced list for opensso 8 web agent

      I have tested with opensso 8.0 for the last month. Most of features works fine as expected and documented.

      But one big problem I encountered is that, the wild card (
      ) does not work in my web agent as specified.

      For example, I configured the following in the non-enforced URL list:
      But access to http://www.abc.com/path/a.jsp is still enforced and was redirected to login page. When I especially specify http://www.abc.com/path/a.jsp in the non-enfored list, it works.

      I am surprised that this wild card can not work as stated in http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-5816/ghhpa?a=view.

      This should be one of most important features. Why it can not work? Did I configure anything wrong?

      Anyone else encountered the same issue?

      FYI, my opensso runs on tomcat 6 and using apache 2.0 web agent with centralised agent profile.

      Many thanks.