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    OpenSSO with external LDAP forgets all if LDAP is down at container start ?

      Hello to community of this recently-spawed forum!

      First of all, happy holidays :)

      I have a project where I deployed OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 running in Apache Tomcat.

      This OpenSSO instance was configured (via the web-GUI wizard upon first start) to use
      an external LDAP catalog (Sun DSEE 6.3.1) for configuration data as well as for user

      My problem is that when the servers are rebooted it is not rare for LDAP services to
      become accessible after the tomcat container begins booting. In this case OpenSSO
      reverts to "I am not configured" state and presents any visitor with the configuration
      wizard Web-GUI. This is inconvenient, insecure, etc.


      1) Is it possible to "lock" a configured installation of OpenSSO so it would fail loading
      in this case, or preferably would poll and wait for LDAP services and continue loading
      when they get back up? I.e. a configured instance should not revert to config Web-GUI.

      2) Is it possible to restart an OpenSSO instance without restarting the whole Tomcat
      servlet container? Perhaps there is some call to cause re-initialization and reload of
      configs of OpenSSO?

      TIA and Happy New Year,