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    Load balancer OpenSSO issue

      Server configuration :
      - Two load balancer with sticky session ex. lb1.example.com & lb2.example.com
      - Two Physical server ex. sso1.example.com & sso2.example.com

      my scenario :
      1. sso1 & sso2 conected to network.
      2. sso1 disconnected network ( not service down/shutdown server, service still running), and sso2 still connected to network.
      3. load balancer succesfully recovered sso1 into sso2.
      4. login into sso from lb1
      5. success login
      6. connecting sso1 network, load balancer successfully ack all server.
      7. login into sso from lb1.
      6. login not responding (but if wrong usrnm or passw inserted sso can show the warn that passw or usrname is not valid)

      Strange happen, after I connected sso lb1 success to show login form, but if insert valid usernm & psw n' then login the sso server not responding...

      sso can login after I completely restarted the instance service and msgqbroker.

      it's like the msgqbroker cant reconnect each other after one of the instance is diconnected and connected again.

      Please help me resolve this issue.

      Thanks,.. :)

      *Sorry my english is bad

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